Monday, March 19, 2012

Parting it out, piecing it together.

Home recording just got a whole lot easier. Couple of days ago a friend of mine mentioned a sale that was taking place at Best Buy, so i figured I'd go check it out and see what there was to see. I had been looking at getting a recording interface for my computer and had priced out a couple over the past year. On top of that I was armed with a few extra bucks. Lo and Behold the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24. It was on the upper end of my price range but definitely something that if I saw, I would probably buy. It was available at a price discount, so I snatched it up.
I have now been busy breaking it in on our piano at home. I've been working on finalizing a couple of piano parts for the album and have used it to do some playback and practicing. Alittle something about interfaces. I don't know gobs about them, but here's a brief description. Interfaces allow recording in real time. With an interface hooked up to a computer (in this case a firewire connection) a musician can play an instrument and hear that instrument in their headphones with a mix that has already been recorded. If you've recorded with Garageband, (at least with the older version I use) you'll notice some lag time while the computer records and plays back what is already been recorded. Interfaces help alleviate this slow down and the computer can busy itself with plugins and other important stuff like updating you on your friend's Facebook status while you record.
These pictures are us recording with a couple of mics we have laying around at home. An SM 58 and a Blue Encore. Not particularly great for nuanced recording, but enough for us to get the part solidified. Amanda was busy working on her part for Old Man and the Sea here. It turned out amazingly well. Just a week or so ago we recorded it in one evening with our producer's set up and a box or two of Jakeenos pizzas and obviously, a glass of wine!

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