Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Pie and Other Unrelated News..

Chances are that you've got a cooking blog that you follow now and again. I'll start by saying don't follow mine. You may end up with indigestion... But here's a recent experiment that could have turned out tragic for the squashes involved. Looks like they came through it okay though.

I had some leftover squash filling and pie dough so I poured it into the little cups and made mini pies. I also used a butter crust recipe. That was all that was in the house and nowadays I've found that I can google any random assortment of ingredients and come up with some recipe that has at the very least some well taken photographs to make it look good... like this!!

On Friday I sent out some EPs to some local radio stations.. There are a couple in the Twin Cities and also just outside of and in Wisconsin that I put on the list. I sent out five to start and as I find out about more, I'll keep sending them out. If you hear any music let me know!

I have been in the recording studio with other musicians now for the past couple of weeks. Work continues on the album. It is coming together and the more layers we get, the more exciting it is to see it start to coalesce.

Well if you've made it this far.. speaking of coalescing, new music and all with a new group!! Folk 'n' Thieves is just starting to get off the ground in Minneapolis, but we've already had a few Farmer's Market shows and gigs..and we've been warmly received. We're still working on getting some decent recordings up, but if you want to take a sneak can have at it here.