Friday, December 10, 2010

Song of Loss

About a month ago I decided to write a song, inspired by loss. Having received a great deal of bad news in a matter of weeks, I felt compelled to deal in some way, shape or form. Two elderly family members, my grandfather and great aunt passed within about a week of each other. Both I had known pretty well. My grandfather was a man of few words, but enjoyed his card playing and for some special reason, I don't know why, you always felt good being around him. He was a happy guy with an optimistic carefree attitude toward life. My family had always enjoyed visiting him and playing cards in the dining room. One of the favorite games being 'oh Shit!,' known by various other names, but this version was most loved by my grandmother. 'Shit' was NOT a swear word in her house, nor would it ever be, a pity i didn't take more advantage of that in my younger years.

It was Granpit's time to go though, as it is for everyone who's lived a good life, found peace in the world, and is able to live out their days in their own home surrounded by the things that got them there. That's special, and no one in our family would have wanted it any other way.

We had made a Halloween altar in our house. On it we gathered together some of the favorite things of our grandparents and my great aunt. Binoculars, crossword puzzle, nail polish, deck of cards, tea mug, just special things that might bring back memories or even soothe the souls of the departed if they happened to pass close when looking in on us.

It all was good and right, until by chance, I was on my way home from work and called up a friend who had recently had a son, and was expecting a daughter.

Through some tragic circumstances, I found what had merely meant to be a phone call to catch up turned in to dismay when he told me that he'd just lost his son in a terrible accident. The child was young, too young and that saddened me the most. When I got home, I shut myself up in our music room and worked out a song. It didn't work itself out all too quickly and has taken me a while to finish. You can listen on the following: